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Good Health Starts With Your Energy Field

Our life processes require energy.  Some of this energy comes from the foods we eat (caloric energy), and some comes from the cosmic (subtle) energy that is all around us. This cosmic energy supports the body’s innate intelligence and self healing capabilities. I’ve been working with this subtle energy, helping people bring their lives into balance, for over 20 years.
When it comes to energy work, my passions include learning and teaching, shooting videos and stills, and finding and creating solutions to problems. When people call me for help with a problem (relationship, situation, etc.),  I listen.  My solutions are creative, thoughtful, and delivered with compassion.  With a non-linear approach, I work beneath the surface to find answers using SRC4U, dowsing,  aura imaging, auric photography, video, meters, cosmic energy,  and good intentions. In addition, I provide EMF Safety Survey’s, and sell crystals and tools for transformation.  Working with subtle energy I can address anything you can imagine.

A Fascinating Picture Book on “Subtle Energy”

book cover
My Book, Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy

Are you able to see energy around people, places, and things?  Would you like to? Now you can, with my book. Subtle energies are shown as they are created, radiate, and  form.  Increase your awareness of  “the field”.  “Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy:   Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography”  Photographed and written by Lorna Reichel with intuitive perceptions by Karl K. Kolsbun.

Subtle Energy Lectures 

My visual lectures feature exciting PowerPoint presentations. I share what I have discovered and have found to be true, even when it  sometimes contradicts information by well known experts.  I try to give people new perspectives of reality that empower & inspire.  For those looking for a fun, light-hearted program to introduce your group to subtle energy, I suggest “Exploring & Playing with Energy Workshop.” If your group wants to explore wellness and the power of intention, a good choice would be, “Human Transformation and the Art of Creating Health.”  I’d love to present to your group and help them develop self-awareness, learn about their aura, and explore intention, energy and matter.  Call me if you would like me to give a  workshop, lecture or participate in an event. 

Crystals & Minerals – Great Selection & Prices
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals - for balancing and clearing subtle energy
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals. These clear, finger sized crystals are great for balancing and clearing subtle energy, planetary healing, and healing grids.

Crystals have consciousness (life force energy) and work with the subtle energies of the body to promote health and healing. While quartz crystals have specific metaphysical properties, these properties can be expanded by programming and/or using different crystals together. 


Dowsing Services and Instruction

Dowsing is one way a person can get information, find things, and clear and balance energy for the highest good.  If you do not know how to dowse, or you are a dowser and want a second opinion on your dowsing, I am available to dowse for you.  If you want to learn to dowse, I’ll teach you. This valuable skill increases awareness, energy sensitivity, and intuitive insight. Eventually, you won’t need to dowse… you’ll be able to just “sense” and “know”. 

To Schedule A Session or Purchase Products

Educate yourself by browsing my website. Then call me if you want a consultation, to make a purchase, or have questions. I am ready to help you bring your life into balance, overcome obstacles, and accomplish your goals. I look forward to speaking and working with you. Call  (518) 383-9066.

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Holistic Health Learning Group
All In The Mind learning group working with a cold light laser and natural quartz crystal.

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