About Lorna

Lorna during a trip to Esalen, for workshop on The Human Aura/Biofield Imaging. Photo by Ruth Colianni Canale

As people who have worked with her will tell you, Lorna’s passions for creating, building, organizing, educating, and empowering others are evident. Whether working with individual clients or speaking to groups about energy, spirituality, metaphysics & healing, she is informative and inspirational. Her ability to put facts into context and deliver them with emotional impact makes her a sought after lecturer, coach, consultant, and photographer.

Her sensitive nature is mesmerizing, and people who come to her for guidance are not disappointed. Her grounded perspective is solid and practical, yet receptive and understanding at the same time.

Lorna received her MFA Degree in Photography from SUNY University at Buffalo, a BS degree in Education from Buffalo State College, Certification in RFI, Kirlian Photography and PIP Biofield Imaging from the Centre For Biofield Sciences and Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR), UK (an affiliate of the Institute of Complementary Medicine, UK), studied Advanced Taoist (ZY) Qigong Diagnosis and Treatment with Grand-master Mingtang Xu,  and trained in Nutrition Response Testing. She also studied with Donna Eden, Tom Kenyon, Sam Lentine, and is a Usui Reiki Master. Motivation to explore auric fields through photography started when she attended a Harry Oldfield lecture and his workshop at an ISSSEEM conference. Harry was inspirational!!

Lorna has worked as a professional photographer, videographer, art and photography teacher, bookkeeper and marketing consultant.

She became an advocate for senior citizens during the year and a half she spent caring for her grandmother. With a desire to put her experience and knowledge of elder care issues to use, she founded Help For Seniors Inc.. Here she oversaw the design and managed the development of an innovative elder care information system. Obtaining a grant and contract from New York State, she implemented a regional information and referral service covering an 11 county area in upstate New York.

As an artist, she exhibited nationally in museums and art galleries. Her photographs have been published in magazines, books, & newspapers; used on websites, packaging, and for marketing. Lorna has been studying energy consciousness, holistic health & vibrational healing for over 25 years. Coupled with her direct experiences, people see her as an authority.  A former practitioner in the Wellness Center at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY,  she currently maintains a consulting practice in Clifton Park, New York.

A Pioneer in the fields of biofield imaging, subtle energy research and in the human transformation movement, Lorna is available for speaking and workshops. She teaches about energy consciousness, self healing, personal transformation, and taking control of your health naturally. Her Aura Imaging, Aura Scanning, EMF Home Surveys, Space Clearing, and Energy Tune-Up services are comprehensive.  Her Auric Field Photographs, provide a glimpse of the invisible, and her research on auric fields, patterns of thought, & healing outcomes, offer proof that we are more than our physical bodies. We are conscious creators with the ability to change energy (matter).

Lorna has presented at annual US Psychotronics Association Conferences, Council Grove, New Growth Fellowship, American Society of Dowsers, and IONs, and has been a featured guest on radio/internet talk shows. She is author of “Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy: Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography”.

“People tell me they feel better. They are impressed with my mind, heart, and integrity. I love people… working with them… helping them, and seeing them manifest higher potentials.”

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How Did You Get Interested in Holistic Medicine &  Healing?

“I became aware of how natural remedies aide the body’s ability to heal itself, about 25 years ago. Several medical doctors said I had a health condition and needed an operation. My doc wanted to get me on the table as quick as possible. After hearing this, I was in shock. I kept thinking “why me?? Why Me???” A friend of mine thought I shouldn’t have the operation because it would traumatize my system. He thought he could help my body heal itself without surgery. I went to him for about 6-8 weeks. He worked on me using energy medicine, a radionics instrument, micro-currents, and crystal therapy. I also took certain vitamins and herbs, as my friend advised. When I finally went back to see my medical Doctor, who was making arrangements to schedule me for the operation, the doctor could not find any trace of the disease. My body had healed.

I spent the next 30 years studying esoteric and life sciences, and alternative healing devices and practices. My friend, mentor, and first teacher was Dr. Sam Lentine. A highly evolved soul, he taught me about the power of the mind, the other side of the veil, Reality Systems, Energy, Vibration, and Patterns of Thought. I was fascinated with the effects subtle energy/vibration and consciousness had on ones health and healing. I experienced other realms. One series of experiments in particular, had a profound effect on me. It involved electronic communication with Spirit.

What Are Your Current Interests?

“I am trying to understand the chaos and changes I see going on in the world, and make a difference in people’s lives. I make videos, garden, farm, and do a lot of bio-energetic testing and balancing, and a lot of clearing of spaces and people.  I gather information & measure the energy of all kinds of stuff, as well as people. Did you know that it is  possible to identify areas of physiological, psychological and energetic imbalance? One can use tools, including crystals, dowsing, magnets, inert gases, computer programs, etc., with mind & heart to balance physical and non-physical imbalances. When I discovered this, I began to research patterns of thought, and the shifts that occur in the auric field when people use their intention to create well being, to clear and balance their energies, and for healing.  I am also investigating electromagnetic energy fields using various meters and Biofield Imaging processes.  I enjoy teaching people about the unseen world of subtle energy and its effects on their health. I work with clients and see them empower themselves, as they come to realize their ability to change the frequencies in their energy field at will. When people see something with their eyeballs — it effects them in a big way. Aura Imaging is exciting and I find the energy fields of people, earth energies,  and other paranormal phenomena, I record, amazing.”

I study how consciousness— energy that is non-local, non-linear, and intelligent can be tapped to create health & well being.

Lorna can be reached at (518) 383-9066

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